Coaching for Leadership Success

When we are promoted to a leadership positions we are often left to sink or swim. Coaching for Leadership Success is designed specifically for women who are new to leadership positions with line management responsibility and women who have strategic influencing roles within leadership teams. It is also ideal for women who are already in leadership positions and are wanting to increase their influence and effectiveness.

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The Programme

What You'll Receive

Pre-requisites for participants enrolling in the programme need to include at least two of the following:

People management responsibility through direct line management or dotted line management.

A member of the Executive Leadership team in a local business or a member of the in-country leadership team for an overseas business.

Minimum 10 years working in the IT industry.

Presence and Influence 
with Dr Louise Mahler 

Improve the confidence, delivery and awareness of your interpersonal engagements. Learn to harness difficult and emotional situations to be able to create a diverse workplace that works smoothly and grows positively in its culture. Become more effective in the workplace by learning how to win the hearts and minds of those around you. The objectives of the Presence and Influence Workshop are to improve your awareness of interpersonal engagements and to equip you to combat invisibility leveraging both trust and influence.

• 6 hour Presence and Influence Workshop
• Thursday, 4th June 2020 – Sydney

Behavioural Change Wellbeing Program
with Camilla Thompson & Martine Beaumont

Work with an executive wellbeing coach to achieve enhanced wellbeing, stronger engagement, greater resilience, improved productivity and sustained high performance. The wellbeing diagnostic tool uses rigorous, evidence-based research to deliver deep insights into what shapes senior leaders’ ability to perform at their best. The survey delves deep, focusing on the ‘whole person’ by tackling the ‘silent’ de-railers in today’s fast-paced, uncertain, ambiguous and complex times.

• Leadership Wellness Survey
• 1:1 Leadership Wellness Consultation

Discover Your Personal Brand
with Catriona Pollard  

Those with a strong and distinct personal brand are better able to cultivate and leverage their reputation, credibility and profile to enhance their position within an organisation. Identifying your Personal Brand is the key to becoming an influencer to those around you and gaining trust with the people that can enable you to be more effective leader. The Personal Brand Workshop will guide you to develop an effective personal brand and followed up with a one-on-one session to examine how you can deploy your Personal Brand, effectively.

• 3 hour Personal Brand workshop to take place in February 2020
• 1:1 Personal Branding consultation 

Identify and Build Your Leadership Capability
with Kim Nixon 

Explore your own experiences in the workplace, the values you hold important, the people you look up to as role models, and along with 360 feedback from peers and colleagues, work with an experienced coach and people business leader to identify and build your leadership capability.

• Two 90 min program goal setting and career planning sessions
• Two 2 hour leadership capability coaching sessions
• 360° peer review feedback on leadership capabilities 

With the partnership of an expert executive coach with  over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, the Coaching for Leadership Success programme will guide you through a variety of strategies and workshops to explore your own values around leadership to be the kind of people leader you want to be. 

One-on-one coaching and workshops are available for participants over a six to twelve month period, depending upon your schedule and how quickly you want to progress through the programme.

Your first coaching sessions will begin as soon as you successfully apply and payment is made.


Camilla Thompson




The cost of the program is $4,950 + GST. 

+ Add only $1,350 + GST to include 
   Dr. Louise Mahler's Workshop!

Payment Plans Are Available



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